Lounging About

I don’t normally like skinny jeans, but these R.cielli jeans with cuffs just look fabulous paired with this navy lounge shirt. I *love* how well the sculpted shirt falls over the hips. I liked it so much, I purchased 4 different colors!  Ever since my introduction to Tiny Birds, my appreciate of sculpted clothing has sky rocketed.

What’s even better, Tiny Birds offers a drop down menu where you can change the color and pattern of the belt!



Accessories:  Elate! Bow Tie Ring (Seasons Hunt), Tiny Bird Seashells Headband (tinted pink).
Shoe: Shiny Things- Painter Shoe (freebie)
Clothing:  +n Truth t-shirt in gray
Jeans:  R.icielli in Ash
Shirt: Tiny Birds – The Morning After Dress (in navy).
Skin:  Tuli/Emma in Fair (slate makeup).
Hair:  Tiny Birds- Fistful of Roses in Dark Brown.
Nails;  Alaskametro (cheap!)


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