My trip abroad.


Doin’ the funky chicken with the locals.

And the pretty bit.

I love sales.

Apparently I was naked to *everyone* else in the sim while I took these photos, so I got quite a few sexually charged shaloms and felt quite embarrassed afterward.


Skin:  Tuli (Eva)
Jeans:  Emery (Jean Super Ok)
Bag:  CS (Hobo Bag)
Shoes:  Armidi Gisaci (Viniani Heel)
Shirt:  Giasci (Dans la Ville Blouse)
Earrings:  [belleballs] Caged Earrings
Necklace:  [bellsballs] (I Wanna See Your Peacock!)
Hair:  Maitreya (Amber)
Lips:  L.Fauna (Neutral)
Nails:  Rezlpsa Loc (Black Cherry)
Shape:  Mine
Eyes:  Mojo (Brown 115)


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