Look # 3

This was my attempt at a pseudo punk/emo look.

I’ve noticed that a lot of female avatars who emulate this look rely heavily on the avatar shape.  It’s a look with little to no body fat, short in stature, a small chest, small eyes, heavy makeup, downturned lips, and extremely wide hips given the structure of the rest of the body.

I couldn’t bring myself to make such extreme changes to my avatar, so I left it alone and I’m rolling with a look that is somewhat similar.

I adore these jeans.



Bracelet:  Virtual Insanity (Like a Prayer)
Earrings:  NHA! (Adele)
Necklace:  Yummy (Mixtape)
Ring:  :N: (Sequin Ringpop)* Gatcha
Shoes:  Cool Beans (Plain Jane)
Hair:  Kik (Tsubaki)
Nails:  Rezlpsa Loc (Raven)
Skin:  Glam Affair (gio)
Jacket:  La Blaq (Bionic Leather)
Neck Tattoo:  {bilo} (Necklace)
Arm Tattoo:  AVM (sleeve)
Shirt:  Emery (Tee Beige Reno)
Jeans:  Emery (Denim Burk)
Eyes:  Ibanez (Ltd Edition Brown)
Makeup:  L.Fauna (Dimples, Crawford Tattoo), .(bewildebeest). (Chrism Liner)


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