Software Rage and Happy Winter

Like some others, I cannot function in SL properly if I am unable to layer tattoo’s and clothing pieces.  For a year I have exclusively used Kirsten Viewer because it has been the fastest, and most efficient third party viewer I have used to date. Unfortunately however, Kirsten insists on glitching out and malfunctioning randomly:  from eyeballs poking out through the avatar mesh to dancing rainbow displays on top of all of my textures, and near constant failed teleport attempts.

Because of these near constant issues, I started using Phoenix viewer. Apart from not being able to layer items, it didn’t seem to be such a bad viewer.  However, every single time I enable anti-aliasing, Phoenix does not pull through in the same manner that Kirsten’s does.  Being a complete noob to hardware/software and their accompanying quirks, I have no idea why this is- but I do know one thing. I hate jagged edges.

So after hours of constantly trying to make these different viewers *work* I decided to go back to the official viewer. Do I hate it? Yes, yes I do. The UI is annoying at least, and infuriating at most.  The ease of use has disappeared when compared to Phoenix or Kirsten. But- it doesn’t glitch out and allows me to use layers. It just insists on being slow, clunky, and tiresome.

The “on location,” photo’s I managed to snap were taken in Phoenix viewer, while the studio set were shot using the official viewer. I attempted to go back to the same location to take more photos using SL’s viewer, but as usual, I was spammed with a succession of teleport failures and instant log outs.

At the lovely Zigana sim.

One of the biggest issues I have with the official viewer is that I cannot, for the life of me, manage to change my lighting to purely “flat.”  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Scarf:  Fir & MNA (Samhain)
Earrings:  Bellsballs (caged earring)
Shoes:  Mon Tissu (Provence Riding Boots)
Ring:  Paper Couture (Water Over Wine)
Hair:  Clawtooth (Roaring 20’s)
Eyes:  Ibanez (Ltd Ebony)
Lashes:  Beauty Avatar (Regina)
Skin:  Tuli (Eva)
Skirt:  COCO (Asymmetrical Mini)
Coat:  Pivacca (Pea Coat)
Lipstick:  Cheerno Femme (Camille)
Shape:  Self
Tights:  The Secret Store (Wool Tights)


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