Like a Brick House

I recently discovered the skinnery, and I have to say I really like their artistic skin styles. Some of the skins may not represent “ideal perfection,” but they have a lot of character and are skillfully rendered.

These mesh glasses from Siggy’s WaterWorks are amazing! They have a low prim impact and are incredibly detailed. I haven’t seen a better pair of sunglasses on the grid! They’re only 150 and you get 4 different lens/frame color combinations. Definitely a steal!

Now I’m  just waiting for Matt Smith to drop by and pick up my fine self for a little joy ride.


Skin:  The Skinnery (Cloe Glossy-Cat Eye)
Eyes:  Aphotic Gloom (Aquilius-Callie Green)
Makeup:  Cheap Makeup (Cheek Contouring), Mock (Ginger Chocolate Makeover)
Jacket:  C’est La Vie! (Button Poncho Knit)
Shoes:  Pichi (Tamita Wedge Boots)
Purse:  TokiD (Bunny Bag)* Seasons Hunt Gift
Gloves:  LaBlaq (Bold 5ive Gloves)
Earrings:  .(bewildebeest). Sepia(Limited Edition with Pixel Dolls)
Tights:  Insanya (16 Fatpack)* Group Gift
Hair:  Clawtooth (Play It Again Sam)
Belt:  Emery (Double)
Dress:  Emery (Picnik)
Blouse:  SMS (Victorian Blouse)
Ring:  Mocha (Classical Rose Ring)*Gatcha
Sunglasses:  Waterworks Aviators (Gold/Black)


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