Thursday Night Dance Party

My first year in college, I bunked with one of my best friends from childhood. We insisted on having Thursday night dance parties where we’d pretend we were super scene and head bop our way until dawn.

We’d dance through the maze of scattered LP’s.

And then we’d collapse, smug and  satisfied with our own awesomeness.

I miss those days!


Shirt: This is a Fawn (Michigan)
Socks:  Pig (Sock Mit Suspenders)
Jacket:  Monso(My Yagu Jacket)
Hair:  Boon (BMB103) MESH
Earring: Yummy (Diamond Stud)
Headphones: LISP
Rings:  LaGyo (Popillia) Pididdle (Gawdy)
Glasses:  WaterWorks Aviators (Gold/Black)
Necklace: Miel (PEZ)
Shoes: Shiny Things (Painter Shoe) FREE
Bangles:  Zaara (Nizam Choodiya)
Skin:  YS & YS (Alice) TDR item
Jeans: by Bee Baroque (Frayed)
Shape:  Mine


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