Alphabet Challenge- P

I like this challenge so much, I may go back through the alphabet and “catch up” with the rest of the letters!


The Woes of Having Hips p.1

Fifty Linden Fridays- we will miss you!


Glasses:  Yummy (Mom Glasses)
Jewelry: League (Wanderer Set), Ring:  Paper Couture (Water Over Wine)
Tights:  Vive 9 (Sheer)
Skin:  YS&YS (Desiree)
Eyelashes:  Glam Affair (Regina)
Nails:  Rezlpsa Loc (Dark)
Makeup:  YS& YS (Desiree Lipstick), The Skinnery (Blushy Cold + Flirty Mascara)* Subscriber Gift
Hairbase:  Aitui (Standard-Female)
Hair:  Truth (Isla)
Eyes:  Poetic Eyes (Fairy)
Jacket:  Riddle (Simple Shrug)
Dress:  Kyoot (The Clocks are Broken)*FLF
Shoes:  Maitreya (Alexa Wedges)*FLF
Bag:  Milk Motion (My Heart Bag)*FLF
Shape/Eyebrow Shape:  Mine

Look #6

Sometimes you just need more sequins.



Necklace:  Paper Couture (Simple Grey Diamonds)
Ring:  Paper Couture (Water Over Wine)
Earrings:  Paper Couture (Crystal Chandelier)
Hairbase:  Aitui (standard female)
Lashes:  Glam Affair (regina)
Makeup:  YS&YS Desiree Lips
Nails: Rezlpsa Loc (Dark)
Skin: YS & YS (Desiree)
Shape:  Mine
eyes:  Poetic Eyes (Fairytale)
Dress: League (Sequin Scoop)
Hair:  Analog Dog (Tangled)

Look # 5

NX-Nardcotix  is currently having a major sale.  I hit bronze status from purchases in one visit. Definitely check it out!


I am very picky with my “go to,” skins:  those that I use from a day to day basis.  I appreciate more realistic protrayals of feminine beauty (even if SL is idealized realism). Pouty fish lips have never appealed to me.  And  I must say I have fallen in love with YS&YS.

I love how [mock] makeup always *fits* the skins I wear. The edges seamlessly blend into the skin design and enhance the detail underneath while providing an entirely different look at the same time.


Choker:  Mandala (Milky Way)
Necklace:  Bliesnsen + MaiTai (Grimm’s Necklace)
Ring One:  .(bewildebeest). (Harvest Ring)
Ring Two:  Paper Couture (Water Over Wine)
Earrings:  Yummy (Diamond Stud)
Lashes:  Glam Affair (regina)
Makeup:  Mock (Ginger Chocolate), L.Fauna (Crawford)
Nails: Rezlpsa Loc (Dark)
Skin: YS & YS (Desiree)
Shape:  Mine
eyes:  Poetic Eyes (Gold Flakes)
Hair:  Miamai (Anna)
Hat:  NX- Nardcotix (Innocent Claude)
Dress:  NX-Nardcotix (Riva Coat Dress)
Shoes:  Ingenue (Paquerette

Like a Brick House

I recently discovered the skinnery, and I have to say I really like their artistic skin styles. Some of the skins may not represent “ideal perfection,” but they have a lot of character and are skillfully rendered.

These mesh glasses from Siggy’s WaterWorks are amazing! They have a low prim impact and are incredibly detailed. I haven’t seen a better pair of sunglasses on the grid! They’re only 150 and you get 4 different lens/frame color combinations. Definitely a steal!

Now I’m  just waiting for Matt Smith to drop by and pick up my fine self for a little joy ride.


Skin:  The Skinnery (Cloe Glossy-Cat Eye)
Eyes:  Aphotic Gloom (Aquilius-Callie Green)
Makeup:  Cheap Makeup (Cheek Contouring), Mock (Ginger Chocolate Makeover)
Jacket:  C’est La Vie! (Button Poncho Knit)
Shoes:  Pichi (Tamita Wedge Boots)
Purse:  TokiD (Bunny Bag)* Seasons Hunt Gift
Gloves:  LaBlaq (Bold 5ive Gloves)
Earrings:  .(bewildebeest). Sepia(Limited Edition with Pixel Dolls)
Tights:  Insanya (16 Fatpack)* Group Gift
Hair:  Clawtooth (Play It Again Sam)
Belt:  Emery (Double)
Dress:  Emery (Picnik)
Blouse:  SMS (Victorian Blouse)
Ring:  Mocha (Classical Rose Ring)*Gatcha
Sunglasses:  Waterworks Aviators (Gold/Black)

Look # 4


Stole:  Ohmai (A Lil’ Foxy)*Collabor88
Skin:  Tuli (Eva)
Hair:  Lamb (Stereo)
Tights:  Vive9 (Sheer Doted)
Hair Accessory:  Split Pea (and with bees in her breath)
Skirt and Shirt:  The Secret Store (Popsicle Dress)
Jacket:  Mon Tissu (Rockaby Blazer)
Shoes:  Mon Tissu (Sloane Pumps)
Eyes:  Mojo (115)
Eyelashes:  Beauty Avatar (Regina)
Makeup:  Tuli (Elusive Lips), L.Fauna (Crawford Mole)
Nails:  Rezlpsa Loc (Chocolate Ganache)

Let’s Do It Like They Do On The Discovery Channel

I managed to convince my friend Leyla to pose for some pictures with me in our matching outfits from Indie Rose.

The first time I was introduced to Indie Rose, I was running into walls and lagging out at the Culture Fair. Since then, I have found so many lovely little gems at the store:  Indie Rose does the best frilly and feminine dress around.

This animal print dress is so flirty and sexy that we both had to pick it up and flaunt our fine selves.

Sadly, the store is closing now.  So,everything in the store is currently half off-but not for much longer. Don’t miss your chance at these beautiful creations.

Indie Rose



Dress:  Indie Rose (Animal Print halter)
Shoes:  Baby Monkey (Summer Wedge)
Makeup:  L.Fauna (Crawford, Netural Lipstick, Dimples) Tuli (Elusive Lips)
Eyelashes:  Beauty Avatar (regina)
Jewelry: Paper Couture (Sensual Amber), Oh! Studio (My wristchain)
Nails:  Rezlpsa Loc (Raven)
Henna:  {bilo} Mandala *gatcha
Hair:  69 (ME)* closed
Earrings:  Undefined Lilies (Branches All Over)
Skin:  Tuli (Eva)
Eyes:  Mojo (115)



Hair:  Truth (Mariposa)
Shoes:  C’est Moi (Jungla Pumps)*group gift
Shape:  Own
Bracelet:  The Sea Hole
Eyes:  Newbie Eyes
Henna:  {bilo} Full/Bridal Arm Henna